Keep howling! Copenhagen Wolves Bids Goodbye

January 2, 2017

copenhagen wolves logo“This is very sad! I still use my CW emblem on league with pride! I wish you great folks all a happy future. Never forget how far you’ve came. Good luck, and HF!”

This was one of the comments in the official Facebook page of Copenhagen Wolves when the team announced disbandment of operation last June 6, 2016. With over 117,936 likes on Facebook and 19,200 followers on Twitter (as of press time), the fans of the eSports team are truly devastated of the immediate news.

The eSports industry has blossomed into a rapidly growing industry in a short span of time. With the booming venture since 2000, tournaments and series have been made to cater the itch of the players to compete with other players as well, therefore producing teams to utilize their talents. With the disbandment of Copenhagen Wolves, one of the crowd favorites in Europe, the scene of eSports will never be the same again.

With this article, let us reminisce the rise and fall of Copenhagen Wolves.

Who Are the Copenhagen Wolves?

Copenhagen Wolves is an eSports club based in Denmark and was founded in August 2012.

It sponsored the teams of League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offen-sive, and FIFA.

Its creation was led by by Team WinFakt, TCM Gaming, and Team FragZone: Svenskeren, TheTess, Godbro, XL Winner, HunteRSzz, and Deficio, which was a substi-tute. Chris “Mo Si Ting” Wuerger is the coach, Thomas “SchmantFRED” Künzel is the Manager, and Søren “SorenXD” Holdt Frederiksen is the Team Captain.

Copenhagen Wolves’ sponsors include, Steelseries, Gamers Apparel, obutto, and Cooler Master. From what I’ve seen there were also PC gaming chairs and other merchandise with their logo. In the 86 official tournaments they competed, Copenhagen Wolves team earned a total of $227,123.

Pre-Season 3



In the same year of its foundation, Bjergsen, a high-elo free agent, replaced HunteRSzz. The team competed at the DreamHack Winter 2012 where they took third-fourth place considering it was their first major appearance in the eSports community.

In addition to that, the Copenhagen Wolves also bagged the three-way tie for second place for the group stage of the event.

They won the tiebreaker against The Mighty Midgets and Team Curse Europe resulting to a jump in the playoffs.

The teams once again entered in a tie-breaker and went 1-1 but since everything is timed, the Copenhagen Wolves was chosen to advance because they won each game more quickly.

In the playoffs, they lost to CLG EU 0-2 but they placed 3-4 and won 30,000 kr as well.

By winning the fourth spot at the DreamHack Winter 2012, this achievement trickled down by being able to qualify at the Season 3 European League Championship Series (LCS) Spring Qualifiers.

Season 3

cph team

Sven and Bjergsen are the remaining pro-players on this pic. Deficio became a caster.

Bjergsen was too young to play for the Season 3 European League Championship Se-ries (LCS) Spring Qualifiers so the Copenhagen Wolves tapped CowTard to play in behalf of Bjergsen as a temporary mid lane player. In spite of that, the Denmark-based team still defeated Millennium 2-0 at the Spring Qualifiers.

This win made a sure spot for them to compete in the Season 3 spring split European League Championship Series (LCS). The wolves started the season on a rough road. They got a score of 0-9 in eighth place but made a comeback when Bjergsen joined again when he reached the age of seventeen.

Copenhagen Wolves finished the Spring European League Championship Series (LCS) in 5th place when they went 13-6 throughout the rest of the split. They have a record of 13-15 in the finale. However, they fell to the score of 1-2 in the playoffs to the team of Evil Geniuses, dropping down to the Summer European League Championship Series (LCS) Promotion Tournament.

At the start of the Promotion Tournament, they prevailed over Samurai in Jeans with a score of 3-1. This win lead them to become the only team to compete both in Spring and Summer European League Championship Series:

After their requalification, the team was took over by Ninjas in Pyjamas and left the Co-penhagen Wolves organization. To control the damage, Copenhagen Wolves picked members of the team PrideFC which are YoungBuck, Shook v2, Unlimited, and Wolves veteran cowTard.

The newly-picked roster competed in the DreamHack Summer 2013 and ended up seizing the first place in their initial tournament with a 2-1 victory over Dark Passage. Over time, the Copenhagen Wolves keeps on winning tournaments.

In July, the Copenhagen Wolves won first place at Gfinity London 2013, defeating Eternity Gaming in a score of 2-0.

In the same month, the team bagged second place behind TCM-Gaming at a Season 4 League Championship Series spring promotion Qualifier. This lead them to land a spot in the Season 4 spring Promotion Tournament.

Pre-Season 4

In December 2013, the Copenhagen Wolves was an instant tournament favorite at the Season 4 Spring Promotion Tournament.

With the tested strategy, the Wolves finished the group stage in an undefeated score of 5-0 with a win against each of the other competing teams. After they dropped the first game, the Copenhagen Wolves won at the promotion stage.

The team won three consecutive games against MeetYourMakers and finished with a score of 3-1, making them a qualifier in the next season of League Championship Series (LCS):

Nasus? Mundo? Ziggs? TRYNDAMERE?? Ahhh…the memories.
In the result of these dynamic winnings, the Copenhagen Wolves hold a record of be-coming the first team to compete in two distinct Promotion Tournament matches, both as an incumbent and a challenger.

They are also the first to compete in two non-consecutive splits of the League Champion-ship Series (LCS), the Spring Season 3 and Spring Season 4.

Season 4

The Copenhagen Wolves would later on finish 6th in the League Championship Series Spring split, making them requalified in the Summer split. The team had a comeback to League Championship Series after defeating Denial.EU with a score of 3-1.

Subsequently, Forg1ven left the group for personal reasons and Amazing, who was awarded the MVP prize of the European League Championship Series 2 times consecu-tively, was transferred to TSM.

Airwaks and Woolite would be picked up soon for the jungler and AD carry positions re-spectively. In November, Woolite left the team for Team ROCCAT.

Cease of Operations

After several tries in an attempt to run the Danish enterprise wholeheartedly, Copenhagen Wolves officially announced last June 6, 2016 that they have ceased all of its operations effective immediately.

The decision resulted to a number of their squads, including CS:GO team, without a home. Since its inception in 2009, the organization has become a household name in the Danish and European scene.

They have decided to close the organization due to unforeseeable circumstances such as commitment conflicts with NiP and Astralis. According to Jakob Lund Christensen, the founder, they created one of the most trendy Danish eSports teams in the past few years, but also the most controversial.

As part of their official statement, they also declared that the Copenhagen Wolves is open for change of ownership. Should there be someone interested to buy the project and continue its legacy must reach them. In the last part, they thanked every players and partner they had who made the Copenhagen Wolves for what it is today.

Official Statement of Copenhagen Wolves:

“It is with great sadness that I today announce the cease of all operations for Copenhagen Wolves with immediate effect. It has been quite a ride since we start ed in 2009 on a little internet cafe in Copenhagen and it has been some of the greatest highs and hardest lows of my life. We set out with the best of intentions at a time where actually making a living off e-sport was for a very small select group of people. The first couple of events was founded out of our own pockets and was traveled to as way too many people in my parents way too small car. If you had told me back then how big Copenhagen Wolves would become one day, I would have laughed and told you that you were crazy.

We managed to create one of the most polarizing brands in Danish e-sport during the last few years but also one of the most controversial. To paint a picture of a fairy tale where everything was happiness would be very wrong, we definitely took our beatings and learned quite a few lessons the hardest way possible. I must state however that I also feel quite a sense of pride when considering all the amazingly talented people we helped foster and move up in the e-sport world.

With both owners of the company fully engaged in other projects, Diglife with Nin-jas in Pyjamas and me personally with Astralis, this decision seems to be the only one that really makes sense. We would have loved to keep this great brand alive but with ownership so far removed from the daily grind we would never be able to provide our players, partners and fans the dedication they deserve.

Should there be someone out there willing and able to take over this project the right way, we would definitely love to hear from you as we still believe in the brand and the story of Copenhagen Wolves. Anyone interested in doing so, should feel free to contact me via the information given below.

Lastly, I want to extend a special thank you to every single player who ever wore the Copenhagen Wolves jersey and especially the partners who made it all possible.”

Wrapping It Up

Whew! Finally done. I actually sort of teared up when I was writing this article. I especially love CPH’s comeback when Bjergsen was subbed in – so much hype! Even now, I follow the western Faker closely on TSM. If he ever moves back to EU or goes to another NA team, I’m going to follow suit. I’m really glad Sven is playing alongside with him now. Those two are beasts!