DigLife acquires stake in Copenhagen Wolves

Diglife continues investing in electronic sports by acquiring a significant stake in Copenhagen Wolves.

In February 2014 the Nordic based investment firm Diglife announced their entry into electronic sports by acquiring a significant stake in the legendary e-sport organization Ninjas in Pyjamas. The partnership has been an amazing success pushing the known boundaries of the industry by bringing professional financial capital, network, business know-how and advisory into the gaming organization. Today Ninjas in Pyjamas has become one of the most valuable organizations and brands in the industry. Looking for new opportunities and the next step to continue in line with Diglife´s mission becoming a leading business and financial pillar within the e-sports industry, the company has agreed to engage in a partnership with the other leading Nordic e-sports organization, Copenhagen Wolves. The vision is to grow the gaming organization towards becoming one of the world’s leading professional e-sport organizations by utilizing the same expertise, infrastructure and experience as for Ninjas in Pyjamas. The transaction secures Diglife a significant share of Copenhagen Wolves ApS.

Diglife has been actively searching an evaluating the opportunity set and industry to ensure a successful next step by taking control of the last leading Nordic e-sports organization. The acquisition was finalized post the Twitch and Amazon acquisition of GoodGame, as it is a large step towards allowing investors owning multiple gaming organizations competing within the same game titles globally. GoodGame owns the organizations Evil Genuises and The Alliance which are both competing within League of Legends and the LCS.

“We are excited about continuing our successful growth within the electronic sports industry. The journey with NIP has brought an amazing team together. With our team, network and vast experience we are looking forward to funding and taking Copenhagen Wolves to the next level. We will be repeating and continuing the amazing journey we have had with Ninjas in Pyjamas.”
Founder of Diglife, Hicham Chahine.

Diglife is also known for building brands such as Xtrfy and Gunnar Optiks to leading companies within the gaming and computer industry in Europe. The company also holds a significant investment portfolio within technology and lifestyle related companies worldwide.

Copenhagen Wolves has a solid League of Legends, Counter strike and Hearthstone background and was founded in 2009.

The founder of Copenhagen Wolves, Jakob Kristensen, keeps a significant part of the ownership and is confident that Copenhagen Wolves will see huge benefits from the collaboration with Diglife. He will continue as CEO of Copenhagen Wolves ApS.

“Today we take, what is probably the most significant step forward in the history of the Copenhagen Wolves, as we are proud to welcome Diglife to our family. We are on the cusp of claiming our spot among the global powerhouses of electronic sports and with the expertise, network and business knowledge that Diglife brings to the table, we are excited to take that final step together ”
Jakob Lund Kristensen, CEO of Copenhagen Wolves

Copenhagen Wolves and Diglife are excited about the future developing Copenhagen Wolves and e-sports globally. Exciting developments and news is coming. Stay tuned.

About Diglife

Diglife is a gateway into the European, American and Asian marketplaces. Although sharing many similar traits each country has it´s own unique set of challenges and networks. Focusing on products for a Digital Lifestyle we use our proven track record to open the doors for exciting new ideas.

Contact: hc@diglife.no

About Copenhagen Wolves

Copenhagen Wolves was founded upon a common belief that electronic sports had far from reached its potential despite already being a billion dollar industry. In order to make a difference in a vast market, a new and alternative approach had to be taken. After a few weeks of evaluating and strategic planning the project now known as Copenhagen Wolves was ready to be revealed to the world. The main thing we wished the project to maintain was continuity, a quality severely lacking in the electronic sports world. In order to maintain this we needed to make clear-cut guidelines for the growth and execution of strategies and set a series of values that we believe have to be a part of everything we do.

Contact: jlk@copenhagenwolves.dk